• What hours and days is the Nica Coolers office open?

    The company is open from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. All orders and / or inquiries sent sooner or later will be processed  within the following days. The same applies to orders and inquiries submitted on non-working days, e.g. weekends or national holidays.

  • What are the advantages of the products offered by Nica Med?

    Nica Med is primarily about high quality standards - energy efficiency and environmentally friendly devices. Reliability and longevity proven by tests and certificates. Optimal functions (plug-in, mobility, wide range of options and add-ons) for use in laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies, beauty and industrial applications. All of this makes purchasing devices from the Nica Med portfolio a profitable investment for the future.

  • Do blood and plasma holding devices in Poland need to have a medical certificate?

    According to Directive 93/43 / EEC, a medical device is: "A tool, instrument, apparatus, equipment, material or other article used alone or in combination, including software necessary for the proper use of the device, intended by the manufacturer for human use for the purpose of:

    • diagnosing, preventing, monitoring, treating or alleviating disease
    • diagnosing, monitoring, treating, alleviating or compensating for an injury or handicap
    • examining, replacing or modifying the anatomical structure or conducting a physiological process
    • regulation of conception
    • which does not achieve its intended essential effect on the body or on the body by pharmacological, immunological or metabolic agents, but whose action can be assisted by them"

    In accordance with the provisions of the Act of May 20, 2010 on medical devices, published in the Journal of Laws No. 107, item 679. each medical device placed on the market and put into service in the territory of the Republic of Poland must be marked with the CE mark. "The products are marked with the CE mark after carrying out the appropriate conformity assessment procedures appropriate for the products, which confirm that the product complies with the essential requirements that apply to it." (Art. 11 of the Act)

    Therefore, Nica Med sells devices with certificates that guarantee safety and high quality of devices. These certificates confirm compliance with the appropriate standard specifications in the production of medical devices.

    The devices are manufactured in accordance with DIN 58371.

    In addition, these devices are subject to the above-mentioned European Directive 93/42 / EEC (MDD).

    In addition, below is a list of certificates for devices from our offer:

    • EMC 2004/108/EC Directive
    • ISO 9001:2015
    • ISO 13485:2016
    • ISO 45001:2018
    • ISO 14001:2015
  • What is a Class A rating in vaccine holding facilities?

    lass A classification applies to products where key vaccines can be stored without any risk of freezing - regardless of how the vaccine is stored in the chamber. If vaccines freeze, they can lose, if not all, a very large portion of their strength, rendering them useless. The consequences of damaged vaccines in remote areas are critical and, at worst, can be fatal.

    We offer 6 models of VLS Solar direct-drive chillers / refrigerators, as well as a range of 5 models of VLS A Islanded refrigerators, which are A-class labeled according to the latest WHO standards.

    Products that are approved in class A:

    • VLS 024 Solar Direct Driven
    • VLS 054 Solar Direct Driven
    • VLS 094 Solar Direct Driven
    • VLS 154 Solar Direct Driven
    • VLS 026 RF Solar Direct Driven
    • VLS 056 RF Solar Direct Driven
    • VLS 200A Icelined Refrigerator
    • VLS 300A Icelined Refrigerator
    • VLS 350A Icelined Refrigerator
    • VLS 400A Icelined Refrigerator
    • VLS 064A RF AC